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Artifice, Authenticity and Auto-Tune

The list of fans that feel betrayed upon the realization of pitch correction’s presence in a given artist’s song or album is growing longer every day. The interesting part is that many of these disappointed fans find out about the … Continue reading

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The Distinction Between Ethnomusicology and Musicology Should Not Be Made

As I read through David B. Pruett’s article titled: “When the Tribe Goes Triple Platinum: A Case Study Toward an Ethnomusicology of Mainstream Popular Music in the U.S.,” I couldn’t help but ask if ethnomusicology is a legitimate field of … Continue reading

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Pop Music

My attempt to understand (perhaps in vain) the definition (if there is one) of pop music began in the same way I would approach understanding other topics of such nature, specifically by typing “define: pop music” into Google. I was … Continue reading

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Perhaps I’ve Been Too Harsh On Pandora

Or perhaps not. Roped you in with the title though. However! I have a newfound appreciation for their musicologists’ attempts to analyze “an ever-deepening collection of catalogue titles” with “up to 450 distinct musical characteristics” (there were 250 when this … Continue reading

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Nick Hornby Is Out of Touch – A Cheap Shot

I haven’t read all of “31 Songs” or whatever that book is called, but I don’t plan on reading it. (Not because I think it would be a bad book, I just don’t read books for fun.) I did however, … Continue reading

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