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Ann Arbor’s Ever Changing Music Scene

Ann Arbor is number one on Forbes Magazine’s 2010 list of “Top 10 College Towns,” number two on the list of “10 Great Cities For Raising Families (Kiplinger 2010),” the seventh best city in America to find a job (US … Continue reading

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Perhaps I’ve Been Too Harsh On Pandora

Or perhaps not. Roped you in with the title though. However! I have a newfound appreciation for their musicologists’ attempts to analyze “an ever-deepening collection of catalogue titles” with “up to 450 distinct musical characteristics” (there were 250 when this … Continue reading

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Royalties And The Changing Music Industry

“You might as well walk into a record store, put the CD’s in your pocket and walk out without paying for them.” -Mark Knopfler I searched twitter for the key words “illegal” and “downloads,” and the results were just about … Continue reading

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Why Your Friend’s Band Broke Up

You know that kid you knew in High School who started a garage band with a couple of his friends? He wasn’t that great of a singer, and the rest of the band mates weren’t the best at their instruments … Continue reading

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