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Paramore at the Palace on November 21st, 2013

I requested the day off at work the moment I heard this show was happening and bought a ticket as soon as they became available – so to say the least – I was very excited about this show. I … Continue reading

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Ann Arbor’s Ever Changing Music Scene

Ann Arbor is number one on Forbes Magazine’s 2010 list of “Top 10 College Towns,” number two on the list of “10 Great Cities For Raising Families (Kiplinger 2010),” the seventh best city in America to find a job (US … Continue reading

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Artifice, Authenticity and Auto-Tune

The list of fans that feel betrayed upon the realization of pitch correction’s presence in a given artist’s song or album is growing longer every day. The interesting part is that many of these disappointed fans find out about the … Continue reading

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Taking Back Sunday at the Fillmore on October 7th, 2012

I bought a ticket for this show as soon as I knew I could go to it. I bought tickets before and separately from all of my friends, which was a mistake on my part because they weren’t able to … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to be Excited for the Future of Alt Rock

1. Spencer Chamberlain Alas, Underoath is no more. But Spencer certainly hasn’t thrown in the towel. And if you’re not a screamo fan, the good news is that the former Underoath front man is growing tired of screaming himself. “It’s … Continue reading

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The Distinction Between Ethnomusicology and Musicology Should Not Be Made

As I read through David B. Pruett’s article titled: “When the Tribe Goes Triple Platinum: A Case Study Toward an Ethnomusicology of Mainstream Popular Music in the U.S.,” I couldn’t help but ask if ethnomusicology is a legitimate field of … Continue reading

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Pop Music

My attempt to understand (perhaps in vain) the definition (if there is one) of pop music began in the same way I would approach understanding other topics of such nature, specifically by typing “define: pop music” into Google. I was … Continue reading

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